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Wishlist - June 2019

How You Can Help

Volunteers will be in the old Shopko parking lot at 84th and Frederick St. in Omaha on Saturday, June 15th to accept donations to help care for all of our summer babies.  We are most in need of:

  • Cash Donations
  • Old towels, hand towels, and washcloths
  • Sheets and blankets
  • Old T-Shirts and sweatshirts
  • Cat litter (regular clay, non-clumping)
  • Kitten Food (dry)
  • Puppy Food (dry)
  • Newspapers
  • Tarps
  • Drum Liners / Garbage Bags (over 30 gallon)
  • Litter boxes (clean - new or used)
  • Paper towels
  • Bleach
  • Liquid Hand Soap
  • Baby Rice Cereal
  • Rakes, Shovels
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Gift Cards - Petsmart, Petco, Office Depot, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's
  • KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer by Pet Ag) (On our Amazon wish list here.)