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City Nature Challenge: Bioblitz at Lauritzen Gardens

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2019 City Nature Challenge with Nebraska Wildlife Rehab at Lauritzen Gardens

The City Nature Challenge is an annual BioBlitz where people across the globe become citizen scientists in a friendly competition with other cities to document their local wildlife.

This year, join Nebraska Wildlife Rehab at Lauritzen Gardens on April 27th from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM as we teach people how to use the iNaturalist app for this event to identify birds, insects, plants, and whatever life we can find. All of this valuable information goes into a database that scientists can use, while you spend the day immersed in nature and learn about our local biodiversity. Anyone with access to a smart phone can participate, and families can work together to make this a fun outing for everyone.

The event is free with paid admission to Lauritzen Gardens, and you can continue using iNaturalist long after the event to contribute as a citizen scientist. Nebraska Wildlife Rehab staff will have an informational booth at Lauritzen Gardens from 10am to 3pm to help answer any questions and get people started on their BioBlitz adventure. Make sure to bring a mobile phone or tablet with access to the internet!

For more information and resources for the City Nature Challenge, check out the main page here!

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