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Internships for University Students


NWR offers internships to university students to fulfill internship credit in certain fields, or for students wanting to gain hands-on experience in the fields of Wildlife Management, Veterinary Medicine, and Animal Science.

Level I Summer Internships In 2022 , the Level I Internships will take place at the Baldwin Wildlife Center in Omaha, NE.  These internships are unpaid, and all travel, food, and lodging costs are the responsibility of the intern.  We will accept applications from any current student of at least sophomore standing or recently graduated university student in the United States. 24 Level I internships are available in the summer of 2022.

Duties include:

  • Feeding orphaned wildlife
  • Cleaning and disinfecting wildlife cages and nurseries
  • Assisting in the care of injured and ill adult wildlife
  • Creating and implementing enrichment for wild patients
  • Assisting with the intake of new patients as needed
  • Serving as an ambassador for NWR and Nebraska's native wildlife
  • Documenting patient feeding and medical treatments
  • Cleaning tasks as assigned.

Level I interns work an average of 22 hours per week.

Level II Summer InternshipsThese internships are residency internships at our satellite site in Fort Calhoun, Nebraska. Interns have the option to live on site and work an average of 30-40 hours per week. Housing and a stipend are provided to all Level II Interns.  Applicants for Level II Internships must have a minimum of 250 hours of prior wildlife rehabilitation experience, with preference given to students having previously completed NWR's Level I Internship, and the ability to work independently. Three Level II internships are available in the summer of 2022.

Duties include:

  • Cleaning and care of wildlife in outside pre-release cages.
  • Enrichment and oversight of the wilding and release of wildlife.
  • Participating in rescues and transportation of wildlife.
  • Animal tracking and reporting.

Level II interns will work a minimum of 12 weeks in the summer. 16- and 20-week options may be available.

Level II interns must have a minimum of 250 hours of previous wildlife rehabilitation experience and a valid driver's license.

Application Links

Please check back in November, 2022 for 2023 Summer Internships.

Important Dates for 2021

2022 Summer Internships - Dates to Note:
March 5, 2022 – Application Deadline for Level I and Level II Summer Internships
March 7-16, 2022– Interviews for all Summer Internships
March 31, 2022 – Notification Date for all Summer Internships

Level I Internships
May 16-20, 2022 – Level I Internship Training*
May 22 – August 13, 2022 - Level I Internship

*Training for these internships will take place all 5 days from 9 AM to 5 PM each day. Selected interns must attend all 5 days of training. All materials, breakfast and lunch will be provided each day.

Level II Internships
Week of May 16th –  Level II Internship Training, Orientation, and Move-In Days
May 22, 2022 – Internship start date for Level II Internships
August 13, 2022 – Last day for 12-week internships