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Baby Mammals

Found a Wild Animal?

If You Find a Baby Mammal

Is the baby injured (bleeding, broken bones, puncture wounds, been in a cat's mouth, open wounds, etc.)?

If YES, the baby will need our help. Click here for instructions on how to get it to NWR.

If NO, see below.

Can you find the nest or den? Can you safely approach it?

If YES, and the baby is warm, place the baby back in the nest (for ground-dwelling mammals) or put the baby animal as close to the entrance to the nest or den as possible (possibly at the base of the tree or structure where the nest is located). If there are several babies, you can place them in a shallow cardboard box to await their mother's return.

If NO, you can't locate the nest or den, contact us for assistance.

Once you've left the baby near the den where the mother can find it, you can watch from a safe distance, preferably indoors. Many wild mammals will not return to the area if you are visible. If a parent does not come and take their bab(ies) within 4-6 hours, contact us for more information. (Remember, animals that are active during the day will only pick-up their babies during the day.  Nocturnal animals will only come for their babies at night.)

See the links on this page for more information about the specific type of animal you have.

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