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Reptiles & Amphibians

Found a Wild Animal?

Baby Reptiles and Amphibians

Baby snakes, turtles, frogs, etc. are not cared for by their parents the way baby mammals and birds are. Just because a turtle, snake, or frog seems small to you doesn't mean it needs our help. If a small reptile or amphibian is uninjured, please leave it where it is and enjoy it from a distance. Do not interfere with it and do not take it home or relocate it. If it is injured, you can bring it to NWRI for help.

Adult Reptiles and Amphibians

Any adult reptile or amphibian that is obviously injured or ill needs to be rescued. You can tell it is injured or ill if it is:

Covered in flies and/or maggots
Has open wounds or a fractured limb or cracked shell
Cannot use one or more of its legs

*Just because an adult turtle is away from the water, doesn't mean it's in danger. Adult turtles can travel far from water to lay their eggs or to move from one body of water to another. Provided they are not in the middle of the road, please leave them alone during these transitional periods.

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