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Wildlife Help

Have a Wild Animal That Needs Help?

Before you decide to pick-up a wild animal and bring it in for care, please do the following:

  • Go to the page in this section about the animal you see and read on to determine if it is really in need of help.
  • If the animal is not injured or orphaned, please leave it be. 
  • If after talking to us or reading this page, you decide the animal actually needs help, please do the following:​
    • ​Using gloves, place the animal in a cardboard box or cat carrier lined with a towel or t-shirt.
    • Keep it warm with a heating pad set on low or a plastic bottle filled with warm water.
    • Keep it in a dark, quiet place, away from children and pets, until you can get it to us, and then:
      • Call or e-mail us for assistance if you live outside of the greater Omaha area. Or...
      • If you are in the greater Omaha area, you can take the animal to the Nebraska Humane Society at 90th and Fort in Omaha.  We pick up all wildlife at the shelter between 4 and 6 PM each day.  Or...
      • Take it to the Wildlife Center in Louisville, NE for care. (During the winter months, we are there by appointment only, so please be sure to call first - 402-234-2473).

Use extreme caution when handling wildlife!  Always place a barrier between the animal and your hands (gloves and/or a heavy towel) and do not allow children to handle wildlife! Report any bites or scratches immediately.

How to Get to the Wildlife Center

Our Wildlife Center is located on the grounds of the Ash Grove Cement Co. in Louisville, NE.  Please note that in the fall and winter, our Wildlife Center is open by appointment only.  Please do not bring animals to the Wildlife Center unless you have set up an appointment first.

The address is 16215 Highway 50; however, GPS will often take you somewhere else! Here are the right directions:

Directions From Omaha or Lincoln:

Take I-80 to the Sapp Brothers/144th St. exit.

Head south on Highway 50.  You will drive through Springfield and later over the Platte River.

As you cross the Platte River, you will be entering Louisville.

Take the first left, cross the railroad tracks, and stay to the parking lot on the left to access our building.

Use caution when entering our parking lot. There are very large trucks hauling out of Ash Grove Cement Co. that cannot stop quickly. Please drive carefully!