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How You Can Help

Want to start volunteering in 2020? Please read this notice.

Due to concerns over COVID19 and the need for social distancing, we will not be scheduling any new volunteer orientations or trainings through the fall of 2020.  We will reevaluate as we move into the winter, based on recommendations from the health department and CDC.

If you'd like to start volunteering with NWR, please submit your application and we will contact you once we are able to resume trainings.  If you have already submitted an application, we will contact you then as well.  We appreciate your patience and your interest!

Thank You for Your Interest In Volunteering With NWRI!

We are asking that if you volunteer with NWR, that you consider a two year commitment. If you have any special skills that can be put to work helping Nebraska's native wildlife, or if you know anyone who does, please let us know.

PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteer trainings are currently on hold due to COVID concerns.   Please be patient -- we can't wait to work with you!

Volunteer Opportunities

Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc. currently needs volunteers to help in the following areas:

  • Wildlife Center Volunteer
  • Hotline & Wildlife Intake 
  • Wildlife Rescue & Reunification Team
  • Humane Society Transporter
  • Statewide Wildlife Transporter
  • At-Home Animal Care Provider
  • Donation Coordinator
  • Animal Enrichment Coordinator
  • Cage Building & Repair

If you want to review the specific positions, training requirements and time commitments listed in our Volunteer Handbook, please click here.

Why Volunteer With NWR?

  • Become a part of the solution! Join our mission to save native wildlife and educate the public on how to live in harmony with wildlife.
  • Play a role in saving thousands of wild lives each year.
  • Work with amazing, dedicated volunteers who value the same things you do.
  • Gain experience for your future job or further education.
  • Get the rare opportunity to work up-close with wildlife while you ensure they can return to life in the wild.

See this volunteer chart for more information on training and qualification requirements, time commitments, and training levels.

Please note that all Wildlife Center volunteers, particularly when they first start, help with dishes, laundry, cage and building cleaning, and grounds projects.  We’re all in this together!

Other Requirements:

  • You must be 18 years old or older to volunteer in the Wildlife Center.
  • At-home volunteers who care for animals must have no children under the age of 12 residing in the home.
  • Dedication to NWRI’s mission and being an ambassador for the organization and wildlife.
  • Ability to regularly meet the time requirements.
  • Respect for our recovering patients and strict adherence to all NWRI protocols and policies.

How To Volunteer

To volunteer, download and complete our volunteer application in its entirety, and e-mail or mail it to:

Nebraska Wildlife Rehab, Inc. - PO Box 24122 - Omaha, NE 68124-0122

Please note that we will hold your application until we are able to schedule trainings again.  We will contact you at that time. We appreciate your patience!

Next Steps

After you have submitted your application, the next steps are:

  • Attend a New Volunteer Orientation.
  • Attend a NWRI and Wildlife Rehabilitation (aka Rehab 101) session.

The above two trainings are generally offered back-to-back.  Plan on attending both on the same day!

  • Attend the training specific to the volunteer tasks you would like to perform. (Training times and commitments vary by task.)
  • Start making a difference!

Check our Event Calendar for upcoming training sessions!