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Found a Wild Animal?

Baby Woodchucks

If a baby woodchuck is injured, it will need our help.  Click here for instructions on how to get it to NWRI.

If you find a baby woodchuck that still has its eyes closed outside of its den, please bring the baby to NWRI.

If a young woodchuck has its eyes open and is running around, it is likely old enough to be doing just that, and will find its mother.  Unless you know the woodchuck is injured (bleeding, open wounds, dragging one or more legs, etc.) or you know its mother is dead or has been trapped and relocated, please leave the woodchuck alone. Contact us if you have any questions.


Adult Woodchucks

Any woodchuck that is obviously injured or ill needs to be rescued. You can tell an adult woodchuck is injured or ill if it is:

  • Bleeding
  • Cold and still
  • Covered in flies and/or maggots
  • Easily captured by hands
  • Has open wounds or a fractured limb
  • Cannot use one or more of its legs
  • NAM
  • Guidestar Platinum 2021
    Guidestar Platinum 2021