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Upcoming Events

  • This series is on hiatus!

    We enjoyed learning virtually with you over the last 6 months! 'My Work is Wild' is taking a brief break and will pick back up again in the Fall at our NEW WILDLIFE CENTER! Stay tuned for details!

    This 2021 Speaker Series will explore non-traditional careers working with wildlife and animals. Each month will feature a new expert who will share with us via Zoom their educational and career path - experts like wildlife veterinarians, conservation officers, zookeepers, herpetologists and more! Click to learn more about the upcoming topics and to register!

  • Only one workshop left! Register Today!

    This 2021 Zoom series will give you a chance to learn how to build awesome items that benefit wildlife in your backyard. Registration in this workshop will get you a "builder's kit" with all the materials you need to make that month's project and then your family can join us online to put it together and find out more about the wildlife you're benefitting!

  • Come join our Education Staff at the below dates for activities, games and hands-on learning at Nebraska's largest drive-through Safari Park! Click here for more information!

    Dates: May 8th, June 12th, July 25th, August 7th and September 12th

Check back regularly to get up-to-date information on all of our events!