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Statewide Wildlife Transport Team

How You Can Help

Statewide Wildlife Transport Team

NWR's Statewide Transport Team is designed so that wildlife across Nebraska can receive timely, quality care and rehabilitation.

What is it?   The Statewide Transport Team is a group of dedicated volunteers, living across the state of Nebraska, who rescue wildlife in the field and pick-up injured and orphaned wildlife from public rescuers, stabilize the animals, and assist in transporting them to our Wildlife Center in the Omaha metro area.

Volunteers on this team may drive one leg of a rescue journey across the state, or drive the entire distance, depending on availability and preference.  They may also take animals to local veterinarians for stabilization prior to transport.

These volunteers can also help transport wildlife to other parts of the state for release.

Why join this team?  For injured and orphaned wildlife, time is critical.  For a wild animal to have a chance a survival, they need to be quickly rescued, stabilized, and delivered to the Wildlife Center for care.  We try to get all animals into the Wildlife Center within the first 24 hours.  If you can drive a single leg of a rescue journey, you make an incredible difference in a wild animal's chance at survival.

Get Involved! To volunteer for this team, please take the following steps:

1.  Complete and submit this Statewide Transport Volunteer Application by e-mail or mail.

2.  E-Mail to confirm your availability and with any questions.

3.  Wait for a list of scheduled dates for a training in your area.

We will provide trainings for this position via Zoom in the summer of 2022. 

(If you live in Omaha or Lincoln, you can join this team; however, you may also want to consider completing a regular Volunteer Application and attending Rescue & Reunification training.  See our standard Volunteer page for more details on getting started.)

Want to Help Recruit Members for the Transport Team?

Download this flyer and share it by e-mail, on social media, and in your local coffee house, veterinary clinic, animal shelter, or community center!

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