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How Can You Help Bats? Try these steps!

Be a bat ambassador! Learn the facts about bats and share them with your friends! Make sure to dispel those pesky myths about bats like “bats are blind” or “all bats carry rabies.”

Go Green! Eliminate the use of pesticides in your own yard and support and promote organic agriculture, and agriculture that reduces its dependence on pesticides. Pesticides have a negative affect on bats, birds, amphibians and other animals.  The less we use, the healthier our ecosystems will be.

Promote healthy wildlife habitats, and for bat’s sake, do everything you can to prevent intact habitat from being destroyed.

Put up a bat house! Several species of crevice-dwelling bats will use bat houses in the summer, if they are properly constructed and mounted.

Leave the Leaves! When you leave leaves and brush piles in your yard, you allow insect populations a place to live and those feed bats. Some leaf and brush piles are also used by certain species of bats to hibernate the winter away!

Avoid disturbing bats and if you have to remove them from your house, use humane exclusion methods.  Learn more on the Bat Conservation International Web site at and

Support environmental legislation that protects the land and water.  Show your support for government funding for research to eradicate white-nose syndrome and other threats to our native wildlife.

Donate to Nebraska Wildlife Rehab and other organizations that rescue bats or promote their well-being. There are organizations worldwide dedicated to helping bats.